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Wood Blinds Keep Your Window View and Help Cut Light

Congratulations! You have just bought your new high-rise condo or co-op. You have a premium view of the bay. The city lights are gorgeous and remind you of the bustling life out there. You love the view of the golf course. But, you really are having trouble sleeping. You do not want to have the neighbors in the next building snooping with their high powered telescopes. Now what?

This situation is common for an increasing amount of homeowners, so do not feel alone. It is fortunate, however, that there are many great solutions to this problem of privacy, darkness, and view protection. In this article, we will focus on the use of wood blinds to solve this important problem. Wood blinds are increasingly popular and vastly more affordable than in the past. What once may have cost tens of thousands of dollars can be as low as a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. So, with this in mind, we can consider how to properly use them to beautify your spaces and to keep your view available and a point of pride.

Wood blinds are lovely stacks of painted or stained wood, finished in high quality factories which only make wood for wood blinds. The need for this specialty is to ensure even finishes, and to make sure that the wood itself is properly cured and ready to make into a great wood blind. Care is taken to ensure that the wood is bug-free, and warp resistant. However, wood blinds are susceptible to the elements, so they may distort or warp in your windows once installed and exposed to the elements.

When manufactured into a wood blind, the wood is selected by color and assorted to be made in the final assembly. The final product will show variation in the finished products, and allow a consumer to enjoy the great range of colors in the wood blind.

Once installed in your window, wood blinds can complement the décor in your rooms by using either a fine white color, or truly show the qualities of real wood in the wood blind by using a stain.

When it comes to using a wood blind to protect your view and to give you privacy, the greatest issue to consider is where to mount the wood blind. Wood blinds can be mounted inside the window frame filling the window space, outside the entire window, or even in inside the window, but not covering the top or the bottom of the window. The best choice for an installation of a wood blind will vary depending on the specifics of the window and the desires of the designer. Consider that all can be dramatic in changing the look of the room, but a wood blind properly placed will really meet your needs.

When you have a large window, from top to bottom, you may wish to consider a jamb mount for your wood blinds. A jamb mount does not install outside the window or at the top of the window frame. Rather, this type of “café mount” sets your blinds a bit down in the window. If you only need to cover the bottom half of the window, then you might only want to do that. Just remember that when you do that, the entire blind will be in the window all the time. Separately, you may wish to cover only the top part of the window with the blind, which you can do be ordering the wood blinds a little (or a lot) shorter.

Wood blinds create what the industry calls a large stack. This is a direct result of the collection of the thick slats as they gather with the headrail system in the top of a window. The slats need to be thick in order to ensure that the quality is there in a wood blind, so thinner material will lack this quality. This large stack can block a great view, or hide a good looking window. However, if a window has space above it, a wood blind can be installed higher above the window in an outside mount. An outside mounted wood blind will need to include the extra space to be cover the bottom of the window, so remember to install as high as you want, but add that distance to the height of the wood blind.

Properly measured and installed wood blinds can be lovely and can allow a designed space to beautifully provide privacy and darkness when desired. Proper selection of wood blinds colors as well as an appropriate installation can lead to a more dramatic and more successful appearance for windows, and wood blinds provide a classy and modern look that is second to none.

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