Thursday, 14 August 2008

How to Build Contemporary Functional Accommodation

The twentieth century brought the problem of fuel that citizens demand for heating of their houses in winter period of time. Squared timber and beam frameworks do not already suit contemporary requirements in energy conservation. Strict rules in heat shielding of buildings that are established in Europe are very difficult to meet. People have to use effectual thermal insulating materials. There are established various sizes of thicknesses for diverse kinds of walls. Clinker walls must not be less than 150 centimeters, squared timber walls – 50 centimeters and only 15 centimeters for wooden framework walls.

Usually, such building technique is named a Canadian one. The first carcass homes were made in Canada. The term “sandwich” that emerged in the early nineties defines this trait of panel constructions.

You have to use framework technology to build a contemporary house that will answer the energy efficiency, comfort, ecology, fire safety and other demands. The construction is also at the 1 stage in quality-price ratio. Today 80 percent of citizens in Canada, USA, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland build exactly this kind of houses.

Dry wood carcass is the basic part of wooden framework of a building. It is aggregated by the principle of honeycomb construction and corresponds to be very solid and durable building. First of all, the frame is planked with fireproof cement plate and only then it is filled with basalt wadding from the within. There provided inside vapor sealing that averts moistening of heat insulation material and wooden carcass by fumes inside the house. Moreover, there is applied repulsive insulation to keep about ninety percent of heat in the house. The walls of frame house are mantled with windproof membrane from the outside. This structure warranties the preservation of wooden framework for the entire period of maintenance of the building.

Of course, the trimming of a Canadian and wood house may be various and depends on the taste of its possessor. From the external part it can be facade plastic, coloring, tile and other matters. The same situation is with inner part of the house. There can be used boarding, panels, wallpapers and coloring as well. This is the best technique that gives a great amount of ways for beautiful trimming of the house. Furthermore, you may begin trim your house right after the installation of carcass, because it doesn’t subside. A frame house is lighter in five or even six times than a clinker one, so it doesn’t require massive basis. And it will not be as costly as a clinker one. Even not deep basis can be applied in building of a Canadian house. You may also utilize a foundation with Armco piles applying there heat insulation matters that will avert frost penetration in soil under it.

People have a lot of problems while building their own house. A broad range of troubles such as funds, architecture and design have to be foreknown by you. Your aim is to create the home of your fancy, so don’t forget about such details as professional workers and good matters that will influence on the longevity of your future home. Be persistent and create the accommodation where you will dwell with satisfaction.

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