Thursday, 14 August 2008

Home Construction - Is My Bathroom At The Right Place

If you are going to build a house now, we have a lot of things to tell you. We, however, do not claim that whatever we are telling has a certain scientific explanation for it.

In India, this science of making house according to the directions is called ‘Vaastu Shastra’. It is believed that, if you construct your house as per its rules, you will observe the happiness in your home.

This rulebook says that your day to day life problems can be related to your bad house design. So it’s better if you go for a design as per the guidelines given in this book.

According to 'Vaastu', the universe is made of five elements known as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The orientation of a building is related to the nine planets as described in astrology. So, proper orientation will lead us to a happy life. Wrong orientation can, however, lead us to even disaster.

We need to understand the eight directions as described in books, that are east, west, north, south and four directions in between. Northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest are considered to be the house of water, air, fire and earth respectively.

So now it is clear that a bathroom should be in a north east direction. If it is situated in a wrong direction like southeast, it is likely to give bad results.

To know more about ‘Vaastu’, do a little research. You can even hire a ‘Vaastu specialist’ to advise you now a days. These specialists are very popular in India today.

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