Thursday, 14 August 2008

Need a Home Inspection? Houston Homes helps you

Consumers have a lot of choices when purchasing a house. They can build a new one, buy an existing property on resale, or buy a foreclosure home. Every purchase has its pros and cons. nevertheless; many people are often choosing new homes because they want to have more options than they can find in an existing property. However, more options mean more decisions when buying a brand new home. It can be one of the most puzzling - not to mention pricey - things a home buyer can do. Yet one of the easiest decisions is quite often overlooked - having a specialized home inspection performed to verify the eminence of the overall workmanship and construction of a new house.

Dependence on the builder’s 1 or 2 year warranty is the most general reason, why buyers of new homes miss out on home inspections. In many cases, this has proved to be a pricey error. Buyers assume that all noteworthy defects will become perceptible during the warranty period. However, how many people crawl through the garret of their brand new home to verify the insulation, wiring, ductwork, framing, and plumbing are in proper condition?

Faulty foundations, moisture, faulty ductwork, and drainage are some of the most common issues inspectors find in new home construction today. Many times these defects show up months or even years, after the buyer has moved in.

Many home inspectors offer to inspect the home for faults to the buyer at the various faces of construction to ensure nothing is unnoticed. Once the drywall is installed it is very difficult to find issues within the walls such as wiring or insulation inadequacies.

Some builders hire home inspectors themselves to generate a better quality home. Home inspectors, while working directly with the builders or the promoters, provide an impartial, 3rd-party evaluation, verifying a builder’s quality of construction. Occasionally builders hire an inspector to only inspect certain areas of the home such as the attic, or they may hire the inspector to do a full home inspection at various phases of the construction. New home inspections can significantly reduce customer call backs and reinforce a builder’s reputation, ultimately helping consumers buy better homes.

Buyers habitually assume brand new homes are excused from any defects. But when making such a large deal, why not invest in a home inspection to discover defects that might otherwise become hidden or not easy to repair? A small investment of a few 100 dollars could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Houston Homes does exactly this for you. At Houston Home they inspectors will take care that your new house or the old one is inspected properly and evaluates it. This in turn will help the buyer in choosing the right kind of house for him.

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